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We caught up with LoDeezy.....

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Freshmix Magazine caught up with independent artist LoDeezy; From Little Rock, with roots in both LA and CA, LoDeezy tells us how her family dynamic plays a role in who she is and how she creates music. Check out her Q & A style interview to grab a better understanding of who LoDeezy is and what's coming up next.

- Why the name LODezzey/ Gem Drappa?

A: Originally “Lo-D,” my name was extended to “LoDeezy”

after I moved to Texas by a now good friend of mine. Texas has a way of stretching & slowing things down.

- The Montra; Pary, not problems, ballin’ not beefin’ and kickin’ it not killing? Talk to me a bit about that.

A: It’s what I believe. Everyone’s focused on opps and being tough. Too tough to party …. too tough to see somebody else win. I believe it’s enough money out here for all of us, and the best woman/man will win regardless. What’s wrong with chasing your dreams and having a good time while doing it?

- You mentioned that you have a South Coast and West Coast Sounds; where did that mix come from?

A: I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas, born & raised, but my dad is from LA. So I’m South head to toe, but I prefer WestCoast melodies. I don’t sound like I’m from the west coast at all, but my beats do.

- How long have you considered yourself an artist, and what started your


A: I started making music when I was 18, but it’s just been about five years since I started demanding my respect as an artist. However, My cousins got me started after we graduated high school & had nothing to do but get in trouble.

- Who inspires you?

A: My family. They give me undeniable support, and quitting is not an option.

- What is your creative process like?

A: I have to be traveling or under pressure. Get my mind right with some herbal motivators. As Drake said…the quarters of the kush put the lines in my head

- What Does Your Music Represent? Does it represent something about you?

A: My music represents good vibes and legit hustle. It definitely represents me. To summarize, “I’m cooler than a fan blowing in 50degrees,” Don’t start none. It won’t be none.

- If you were not an artist, what could you see yourself doing now?

A: Strip club owner and operator

- What is the weirdest or funniest question you have been asked in an interview?

A: How I feel about the LGBT+ community supporting local LGBT+ artist

- What do you feel is the best song you have ever made, and why?

A: Party - The lyrics speak volumes about me as a person. The song is universal and will be timeless

- What's your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

A: I just remind myself that everyone that saw the flyer knew I would be performing, and they still came. I remind myself that I have to do well enough to make them want to see me again

- Who was your best collaboration with/ why, and who would you look forward to collaborating with next?

A: Yung Pretty- Westside Flow. The song is a statement song. Coming from two artists who left home for the opportunity but will forever be true to the roots. Acknowledging that home don’t support as they should…but we are still loyal to the soil. The song is catchy, he and I have chemistry, and the official VEVO video for WESTSIDE FLOW is lit. I’m looking forward to collaborating with some live bands, no artist in particular

at this time.

- What is the most useless talent you have?

A: I’m an expert at driving with my knees

- What is one message you would give to your fans?


- What can we expect from you next?

A: West Coast Tour Vegas & LA 06/23-06

/27 and new VEVO music video drops By: L. Marshall


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