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Rich Homie Quan- Still Sinning (Official Video)

Atlanta Creative Rich Homie Quan is back on the rap scene with his newest single in over a year, titled “ Still Sinning.”

As Quan has been relatively quiet since the release of his last work, Rich As In Spirit, he has gone away to once again reinvent himself and attack the carts with new energy.

Sonically, Quan returns to the previous form that got his name recognized by labels such as Cash Money Records and Motown. A unique melodic and raspy singing voice with enough street cache and believability to attract music lovers alike.

Visually, Quan approaches “Still Sinning” with familiar energy ove

r the 2:56 runtime. As Quan stands in the middle of a bloody crime scene, he depicts his past transgressions as things that have made him the man he is today. Detailing his current struggles of staying away from the streets, infidelity with his lover, and his attempt to separate friend from foe in his personal life.

As Rich Homie Quan has been on the climb since going independent since his Rich Gang days, he has been a testament to his dedication and hard work. Stream Quan's new single on all platforms now.

By: Noah Hogan


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