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Irresistible music by Beatbopperby

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The name "Beatbopper" comes across readily not only with music but with irresistible music.

His journey of achievements comes with determination- to make music for everyone. So, Beatbopper, given name Michael Hudgins, favorite words are: :

"I go to bed with the beats of music in my head and wake up with the sounds of music in my ears."

The Virginian US-based record producer and marketing guru almost single-handedly produced a 19- track international album, Miungu Ya Muziki ( Music Gods in Swahili, Africa), amid COVID -19, released February 2021.

This was when the world was hooked on travel restrictions, curfews that limit the freedom of persons 6, and loss of jobs. But guess what? Beatbopper used the crisis to challenge his persistence in life.

" Well. I wasn’t going to allow COVID-19 to lock down my music. I had most of the songs for that album. My objective is to select artists from the African nations which have proven to be emerging forces in reggae music. So, the likes of Epixode and Darkovibes led the pack."

Hudgins looked to the USA with Gucci Mane, Jamaican Born Sean Kingston, and Third World Don.

Canada was represented by AYr Swisha, with the beauty and brains of Tina Karol representing Ukraine.

Beatbopper had Jamaican Bounty Killer, Kabaka Pyramid, Talis, Maestro Don, and Lahjihkal among his A-team.

The album hit four; no, I topped some of the big guns in music.

" We went out with hurricane-force hutting number 2 on US Itunes chart behind the Hon. Bob Marley's "Legends" released charts for three glorious months while holding on to Amazon's Cuba- Caribbean New Album. We also had hits in some eight different countries, Hudgins explains.

So with the re-opening. What are Beatbopper's plans for the rest of the year in the entertainment sector?

"Well, let's put it squarely. We didn't hit the Billboard charts, but I am going for the Grammy nomination, at least for this year. "The Miunga Ya Muziki8 is a pretty good album. We were only a shy away from hitting the Billboard charts. That album is one promoting peace around the world. We had Lahjihkal, for example, inspiring others, such as athletes, boxers, actors, and footballers, that teamwork is essential to success. In addition, we are associated with Just for Peace international, based in Spanish Town, Jamaica. One of their initiatives is helping fatherless children, including fathers who were innocently killed. We are better positioned to market this album in major countries, like Australia, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom, than in 2021, mopping up our fo errors while extending our publicity borders." "The second project, our Certified Gold album, is expected to be released in August 2022. "This project will have about 20 tracks from the genre of reggae, afro beat, and hip-hop.

"Hip-hop is more than music; it is a culture Afrobeat is more of African beat.

Some of the artists that are on the list are Third World Don, Floy Dexx, Kabaka Pyramid, and Lahjihkal.

For the third project - Dei Della Musica will have no more than 20 songs." About fifty percent of the artists will be independent. It will have a strong presence in Italy, from which the name of the album comes; one such artiste is Johanse

"The good thing is that the three projects will be reaping promotion all at once.

Should we get a grammy nomination, it will set the tone of where our following albums will be heading- to the world.



By: Eugene Pitter


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