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Macka Diamond Stella Performance

She came to the show as an underdog and left with a pedigree tag.

The moment of truth was ticking when DJ Macka Diamond entered Alkaline's New Rules Festival held at the National Stadium Saturday, July 2, 2022. Less than five minutes after her blistering performance, the " Money Oh" woman was headlining the news throughout all social media platforms.

"My phones were on fire with no time to cool. People are calling me from several countries. Some expressed they watched my performance more than 10 times."

The DJ was more than just warming up for the show; since the start of 2022 this year, she gave a blistering performance in South Africa. Then, to follow, she gave Costa Ricans 10,000 volts of electrifying performance, later silencing her detractors at the Masika show.

"I keep telling myself I want to leave the Alkaline show with a new image, and it happened. So my expectations are more significant because I feel like I have the whole package, which is lyrical thunder, a lightning performance, and, as for my outfits, nothing short of starlights.

The DJ was cladded as she walked onto the stage in her jump-suit of silver and diamond, skin-colored tights, with a fiery red and orange ponytail hairstyle and silver platform pair of boots. Her almost 20-minute set consisted of some of her favorite songs, including "Dye Dye," "Hoola Hoop," "Old Woman versus Young Gall," and " Dream Body," bringing down the house down with an acapella performance which was both naughty and witty.

TikTok: Macka Diamond New Page

Twitter: Macka Diamond1

Facebook: Macka Diamond

Written By: Eugene Pitter


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