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Clubhouse’s Android version is going global this week

Talk about your weekend with strangers through live audio.

It’s finally happening. Clubhouse’s Android version will be available to everyone in the world within a week. After its weekly Townhall sessions with the app’s team, the company announced that Android users in more countries will be able to officially download the app through Friday (May 21).

On Twitter, the live audio firm detailed the version’s rollout schedule throughout the week.

Earlier this month, Clubhouse started testing the Android version with a US-only beta launch. Last week, it made the app available in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Now, users across the globe will be able to download the app soon by the end of this week.

This comes after Twitter’s announcement earlier this month to open up Spaces globally. The social network said it’ll allow anyone with more than 600 followers to host a live-audio conversation.

Clubhouse’s move to open up the Android version to users worldwide is to shore up its dwindling user base. The app’s download plummeted from a peak of 9.6 million in February to 922,000 in April, according to the analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Amidst increasing competition, Clubhouse announced an accelerator program for 50 shows on the platform earlier this month. The company’s co-founder, Paul Davidson, said in the town hall that the firm is exploring new ways to improve discovery, a direct messaging feature, paid events, and subscriptions.

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