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Artist Reimagines Famous Paintings With the Quirky Cast of ‘The Simpsons’

Ever wonder what a fine art-themed episode of The Simpsons would be like?

Vincent van Gogh – Springfield Fats at the Night Café

One Ontario, Canada-based artist has, and they’ve shared their vision through funny mash-ups between famous paintings and Simpsons characters. Known simply as @fine_art_simpsons on Instagram, the artist replaces historic figures in fine art paintings with beloved characters like Homer Simpson, Ned Flanders, Edna Krabappel, and Milhouse Van Houten. Suddenly, Bart is Jackson Pollock spilling paint everywhere, Grandpa and Mona are their own version of the iconic American Gothic, and Kent Brockman is the Norman Rockwell-esque “undecided voter” stuck choosing between Kang and Kodos.

Grant Wood – Springfield Gothic

The artist began creating the aptly titled Fine Art Simpsons series in 2020. “I thought it would be funny to combine Klimt’s The Kissand Hokusai’s Great Wave with familiar scenes from The Simpsons,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “A friend saw them and convinced me to create an account to show them off. Since then, I’ve learned more about fine art than I ever did in my years at ‘art school' and continue to have a really good time finding visual and thematic similarities between classic art and my favorite cartoon.”

Hokusai – The Great Wave (of Real Acid)

Each scene is a brilliant mix of art history and an astute knowledge of The Simpsons, making it very clear that the artist is a super fan. The Instagram account is the perfect spot for those that sit in the middle of a Simpsons and art history Venn diagram as it gives a nod to both in clever ways. For instance, the artist takes David Hockey’s swimming pool scene in A Bigger Splash and adds a tiny Bart peering through the window in the back. For keen Simpsons fans, this is a clear reference to the Bart of Darkness episode, in which Bart breaks his leg and starts spying on neighbors from his room. On the art history side, Vincent van Gogh’s Night Café, Salvador Dalí’s surreal dreamscapes, and Edward Hopper's Nighthawks make appearances amongst a long list of other masterpieces.

Scroll down to see some of the best mashups from the Fine Art Simpsons series below and find even more on Instagram.

The funny Fine Art Simpsons series combines famous paintings from art history with beloved characters from The Simpsons.

Nicolas Poussin – Et in Graffittia ego

Gustav Klimt – The Kiss (… The Baby Looked at Me)

Each funny mashup digitally merges the two worlds almost seamlessly!

Andrew Wyeth – Bartholomew’s World

Edgar Degas – Three Dancers on a Stage

And for super fans, many of the combined scenes are absolutely brilliant nods to both the show and art history.

Jackson Pollock – Four: Number 6, 1992

Edgar Degas – Portrait of Mr. Burns at the Stock Exchange

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