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The Fresh Mix Magazine Shoplift

The westside of inner city Detroit is not for the faint of heart. Built off the back of the automotive industry, the people of Detroit embody the values of faith,consistency ,and hard work.


Deon “Shoplift” Williams, known artistically as “Shoplift Spittz”, is no different.


Hailing from the immortalized eight mile, Williams had been making a wave throughout the city with his music since the early 2010s.


Releasing his lead single entitled “Distance,” Williams is grabbing the eyes and ears of his base to amass a large audience with over 300,000 views across the massive streaming platform World Star.


“Felt good to get that many views,  it means they messin with it,” Spittz said in an interview with FreshMix Magazine.“I was getting hell because my last project was dropped last year and people was like where you at.”


Although, Williams isn't without his fair share of hardships in life either.When Shoplift’s father, a former member of the Four Tops, suddenly passed in Shoplift’s arms years ago, his father’s death became one of the many devastating experiences that has shaped Shoplift. Ultimately leaving him in a dark place.


At first I had tangled emotions, some were good, somewhere bad,” Spittz expressed. “There's no telling where I would be with him here, I had to find my next journey.”


After reviving his passion for music in NewYork, Spittz dedicated himself to his craft. Making his presence felt through the means of mentorship with young creatives, eventually gaining the recognition of Universal Music Group.

Currently serving as an ambassador of Do Something Ent. and CEO of his own apparel company SLVM LXRDZ, Shoplift Spittz is back to follow up his sole release of 2020 with his newest body of work, Everyday Above Ground.

“The Album just gave a vibration that I need, all these things we lost, it's a blessing to walk amongst ground,” Spittz said.


With a runtime of 24 minutes, Shoplift Spittz explores a plethora of sounds and emotions that work together to project the thoughts of Deon Williams over eight tracks.


Opting to set the tone early with two bangers of the top in “Enough Of Us” and “Noodle”, Spittz makes it clear that he is here to give nothing less than impeccable bars.


“I like to give the fans the bars they're searching for,” Spittz said. “l might be angry one day then happy the next, I like to give fans different modes of music.”


Shoplift does just that when he switches the tempo with R&B records like  “Perfect 10” and “Nasty” featuring industry stars like Tobias Tate.


Closing the album with memorable records such as “On the Side”and “Treat Me Like A Goat,” Spittz looks to leave the lasting impression of a keen music ear.


“Ears are so defined nowadays,” Spittz explained. “If the sound isn't right I can’t vibe with it so I recorded like 30-35 beats with my nephew,  Mr T The Producer.”


By taking two years off this body of work highlights Shoplift’s sheer artistry by reflecting on his current life experiences as he portrays the ups and downs that life presents.


 “Best believe video are coming, merch coming, new everything,” Spittz said.Im excited to have a great team around me like my producer, Mr T,  and manager.  


As Spittz looks to continue to take over in the city of Detroit, it will be interesting to see what's next for the city's brightest stars. Continuing his long list of collaborations that include Fred Da God Son, Obie Trice, Lil Boosie, 50 cent and many more, Shoplift looks to have a bright road ahead.


To stay up to date on the latest on Shoplift Splittz,make sure to visit his official website. Follow him on all social mediafor more live updates.

By Noah Hogan

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