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Sitcom legends teamed up for a dramatic ‘Pose’ surprise

From left: “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actress Janet Hubert, “227” star” Jackée Harry and “Amen” alum Anna Maria Horsford.

These sitcom vets are striking a pose!

Janet Hubert (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), Anna Maria Horsford (“Amen”) and Jackée Harry (“227”) appeared together — for the first time ever — in a surprise collision of comedy queens for the Sunday, May 16, episode of the FX drama “Pose.”

In Sunday’s episode, which aired at 10 p.m., an HIV-positive Pray Tell (Billy Porter) ventured back home to western Pennsylvania — after more than two decades away — for an emotional reconnection with his estranged mother Charlene (played by Horsford) and his aunts, Bible-thumping Latrice (Hubert) and a more supportive Jada (Harry). Hubert told The New York Post that, after getting cast, all three actresses were shocked to discover that series star Porter still felt a lingering connection to their early sitcom work.

“He said, ‘You all had a part of my life. You all had a part of my world, you were all part of my world going through all of what I’ve been through. You all held a spot in my life,’ ” Hubert recalled of the verbal group-hug they got from Porter. “And we were so touched … We were on a Zoom read, and we were crying because he was so sincere in saying, ‘You all held a place for me’ at a time where he needed something.”

Horsford went even further about broader, meaningful connections made with audiences. “You realize that your energy, and the words, and everything you do, it goes into all of these different homes and these different places, and you don’t need to have a clue,” Horsford added to The New York Post about their longtime fan base. “It’s what you’re supposed to do, because we, as entertainers, heal sometimes.”

Harry also echoed the earlier sentiments shared by Hubert and Horsford about connecting with fans over a television or streaming service. “It goes to show that when somebody connects with you and allows you to teach them (in person or even through the television screen), what they’re really giving you is the opportunity to show them that they’re not alone,” she wrote.

Since their sitcom glory days, the trio has been busy: Hubert has finally — and quite publicly — reconciled with her former “Fresh Prince” nemesis Will Smith, while Horsford has kept a place in her heart for her late “Amen” co-star Sherman Hemsley. Meanwhile, Harry has ditched comedy for drama in recent years.

Check out these sitcom legends in their respective Pose roles below:

Aunt Latrice (Janet Hubert) with Pray Tell (Billy Porter) in a scene from “Pose.” Credit: Eric Liebowitz/FX

Pray Tell (Billy Porter) and his mother Charlene (Anna Maria Horsford) get ready for church in “Pose.” Credit: Eric Liebowitz/FX

Pray Tell (Billy Porter), his mother Charlene (Anna Maria Horsford) and his aunt Jada (Jackée Harry).

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