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More than Just Star Power:

How Gervanta Davis earned his new title against Mario Barrios with devastating power and undeniable star presence!

By Spencer Washington


Whether he meant to or not, newly-crowned super lightweight champion Gervonta Davis put on an absolute show in his latest bout against previously undefeated lightweight incumbent, Mario Barrios! Despite being down on the unofficial scorecards going into the later rounds, Davis rose to the occasion and ended the fight in dramatic fashion with a big knockout win. The star-studded event was the perfect stage for Gervonta Davis to not only put on a show for the fans, but to put any doubt to rest that he could rise to the ranks of perennial champion in this generation of fighters.

This fight was a very tall order for Davis (pun intended) as he faced his biggest opponent yet moving up to the lightweight division. The size difference was almost comically notable from the first face off, but it was clear Davis was unfazed by the challenge. Despite the unabashed demeanor of Davis, the dramatic nature of the fight led many experts to believe that Davis bit off way more than he could chew in Barrios. That notion WAS true…..until a very pivotal moment took place in between the later rounds of the bout.

Like a scene out of a movie, Floyd "Money" Mayweather -- decked in the spoils of a true champion with expensive jewelry -- jumped into the corner of his protégé, Davis, to deliver a message. Mayweather, in literal cinematic fashion, screamed up to Davis to say he was down on the unofficial scorecards! For those unfamiliar with what that means, being down on the unofficial scorecards is an indicator that most boxing experts watching have you losing the fight if it goes to the judges' decision. Scorecards from the official judges are often much debated in the folklore of boxing history, but in the court of public opinion, Davis was losing this fight by all accounts!

The pleading Mayweather did with Davis was surprisingly very characteristic of his now deceased uncle and former trainer, Roger Mayweather. Ironically enough, Floyd Mayweather was in a fight with that night attendee, Zab “Super” Judah, where the early rounds of their fight were debatable as to who was winning. It was not until then trainer, Roger Mayweather got in his nephew’s ear to pick up the pressure on southpaw legend, Judah to turn the fight around. In similar, and dare I say more spectacular fashion, Davis answered the request of his mentor and picked up the pace to win this fight against Barrios. (A little fun fact: back in the day, Mayweather told 17 year old Davis on his yacht that he would be a champ, and now he is).

All in all, Davis showed a lot of great skills in this fight! He gets criticized often for taking too much punishment in fights BUT for those in the know, he is using his time in the early rounds to collect data on his opponent’s patterns. Not only did he show that he has a phenomenal chin to absorb the blows of the now former lightweight champion, but he showed that he can match the power of the heavier fighter. Davis found openings in the later rounds and exploited them with power shots from both hands. Davis landed a noticeably devastating left to the body, a gazelle style leaping right hook (and I mean literally LEAPING off of the ground) and the finishing left looping cross that made the referee show Barrios mercy to end the fight. Davis even displayed new found athletic ability in his already legendary celebratory moment of backflipping off of the turnbuckle like a pro wrestler.

What makes these events and this publication you are now reading unique is the notable intersection of sports and entertainment. This event was held in one of America’s meccas of entertainment, the Statefarm Arena in Atlanta. There was no shortage of stars, as notable attendees included rapper Young Thug, BIG TIGGA, Drummaboy, K Camp, Lil Duval, Amir Junaid Muhadith f/k/a Loon, and the notable reemergence of rapper turned actor Lil Zane ahead of his role in the new crime drama based on the lives of the Black Mafia Family to be produced by 50 Cent. Influencers like Robii World, Kandi Burress, and podcast hosts Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes were also in attendance. Of course, boxing enthusiasts and legends in their own right were in attendance as well. These fighters included Evander Holyfield, Zab Judah and Adrien Broner.

The notable presence of the rap label QC also did not go unnoticed to the keen eye. Q from QC was not only in attendance, but also acted as an ambassador for his label, who sponsored the fight. Also, another notable hip hop heavyweight, Lil Baby, was there to walk Davis for the second time! We will definitely follow the link between the Mayweather Promotion and QC camps as it seems to be a recipe for success. Other sponsors that were there included AG Entertainment and Atlanta's own "Recession-Proof", Dominique Simpson owner of CMPR, one of the main organizations responsible for giving our publication Freshmix Magazine access and providing PR for the entire event.

Before closing out this article, I want to acknowledge the Aztec Warrior, Marrio Barrios. Barrios has NOTHING to be ashamed of in this loss as he fought a phenomenal fight in the early rounds. He also paid homage to his heritage with his walk out with performers in Native garb that signified the ever important roots of his fight moniker. We will be looking to see how the former champion bounces back.

Also on the undercard, the notable winners of the night were: Erickson Lubin via 6th round KO; Carlos Adames via 3rd round KO and Batyr Akhmedov via 8th round KO.

Davis has solidified himself as a bonafide champion at this new weight division, but still poses a threat to his other peers in and around his current weight class. Back in the day, Mayweather told his 17 year old protege Davis on his yacht that he would be a champ, and now he is! It would be exciting to see what the next move is with Davis in making more blockbuster fights like these. We will for sure be on the lookout for the rise of this star and his intersection with the entertainers he attracts to his events!

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