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A' Legend To The World

Philadelphia-based fashion designer Jenelle Thompson is striding fast toward her dream, hitting the Hollywood platforms and joining all-time icons such as Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. Thompson, 30, of Jamaican parentage, is becoming the talk among the latest Who Is Who in dancehall circles. Among the six-pack males donning her A ' Legend outfits are multiple award DJ/actor Spragga Benz, now promoting his Second Chance movie; producer/artiste Delly Ranx- known for producing Ganja Breed, which appears on Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock Grammy-award album.

An internationally renowned artiste Vershon tipped as a future Grammy awardee with such songs as "Inna Real Life" and "Use to Hungry." In addition, the star-studded A' Legend brand is being endorsed in dancehall circles by such songs as - Delly Ranx's "Move Left The Crowd," Vershon's "Outside," while popular sound selector "Badda Bling" is sounding her brand on his popular radio programs. She is also featured- as a fashionista in several videos; she acts as a caregiver in 3-11 movie, a Summer Angel production. As a runner-up to this movie, she is looking to inking a movie deal, appearing in what could be one of the biggest black movies in the Caribbean. In an interview with FreshMix Magazine. Jenelle, who

did not disclose many details, says, " I was actually approached by the award-winning movie writer/ director who is interested in casting me in one of his upcoming movies. Perhaps, it is just that star look that caught his attention. "My parents had always reminded me, Jen( short for Jenelle), you are going to be a star,” and my big brother felt I would be the one in the family to become rich." I don't think it has anything to do with luck. I work really hard to make things happen. I have had a lot of disappointments, but I have determination and faith in God." Jenelle showed a flair for fashion as early as her pre-teen years. "I used to dress up in my mother's high-heeled heel shoes.

While attending North East School, I got into trouble for always adding a touch of grace to my uniform." Still, she completed a degree in Business from the University of Phoenix, which was a great accomplishment. Jenelle started designing patterns using pen and paper. This led to her opening A 'Legend- a company in her apartment basement in June 2018.

Her outfits include uni-sex sweatsuits, slippers, men's underwear, women's swimsuits, T-shirts, watches, and a wide range of beauty products for females.

Since May 2021, she has been marketing her brand at pop-up shops inside Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She is now preparing for Brooklyn, New York fashion show in October 2022. Keep an eye out for Jenelle Thompson.

Photo by:

A' Legend photos.

Written by:

Eugene Pitter.

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