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All around business man, Christopher Gholson also known as ‘Drumma Boy,’ has taken on the world with his many talents. Starting out as a sales associate during his childhood, then to becoming one of the greatest music producers of all time. Drumma Boy has become unstoppable; his many accolades speaks for itself. Some may think it couldn’t get any better for him, but Drumma Boy had other plans. He is now an artist, store owner, CEO of his own record label and so much more. With experiences, achievements and support, Drumma Boy manages to maintain everything he has going on with a little grace and style.


How did you come up with the concept for “ Go This Way “?

The song was created naturally the week after my brother was shot and killed. As far as the video, I just sent the song to Wikid Films and we made it happen.


What was your creative process when making this record?

I just kept going back and forth with myself as to why this happened and who would want to do this to my brother. Voices in my head kept saying "I hate it had to go this way." Another voice kept saying "Maybe it was meant to go this way." The words just began to pour out. I felt like doing a project was the best way to cope.


How big of an impact did your brother have on your career?

He was the first person I ever looked up to or wanted to be like. He introduced me to music production and always brought me around his friends, Slice T, Carlos Broady, Jazze Pha and 3 6 Mafia. I was the little bro coming up, watching and learning.


How has the transition from Platinum Producer to artist been for you?

As an artist, it's amazing being able to be heard and share a message that means something to you personally. As a producer, we make so many beats that artists deliver their message on; sometimes it matches and sometimes it doesn't. When I released this project, I got so many, "I didn't know you can rap'' or "your delivery and message made me cry'' or "I made it through hard times listening to your album." It just gave me motivation to keep going. I've generated $100,000 plus through my Tunecore account and it's all so shocking to me. The amount of people tuning in and how quickly my fanbase is growing is all a blessing.


What has been the secret for the Drumma Boy brand to stay alive and pumping this long?

Honestly just having fun, staying humble, and treating everyone as equal has gone a long way. Also being consistent with quality music. I never stop learning, I also enjoy keeping up with technology as well.

What equipment did you use to produce your first album at 14years old?

Roland XP-50


There have been a lot of battles online with top producers. Who have you been in talks with about possibly having a live battle with?

I've spoken to Zaytoven, DJ Toomp, and Jazze Pha. I'm down for whoever and putting on a history lesson for the culture


How do you maintain your investments such as your own record label and clothing store as a producer ?

My first job as a teenager was working for "Just For Feet" shoe store where I was the top salesman. I've always had retail under my belt and a passion for fashion. Many brands would send me free clothes to wear for product placement and branding opportunities. I had relationships with all the top brands, so it was only right to open a store and continue to support and maintain those relationships. Hiring the people who are experts at what they do has been key. The same goes for the label portion, having key people in place to execute the goals of the label, etc.


When are you releasing your next masterpiece?

I'm currently working on the Drumma Boy and friends album. The first single I produced with Scott Storch ft Derez De'shon. I've also executive produced 8ball & MJG albums and Musiq Soulchild albums. Recently, I just produced a record for Gucci Mane's next project as well as Keyglock and Young Dolph’s. Lastly, I did a meeting with TIG "Think It's A Game" delivering records for their label's artists. Stay Tuned!


By Georgette Smith

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