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Career Path (artist, producer, writer, musician, DJ etc) : 

I started out as a singe / musician playing the bass guitar. then i transitioned over to being a dj. 


Genre : 

Spin any genre required for the event or party I'm being booked for. Reggaeton, soca, dancehall, hip hop, rnb, house, edm, techno, country, etc. 

Where do you DJ at? 

I'm a radio, club, private party and events dj. Im also a traveling dj. So where ever I'm booked is where i will go and dj. 


Are you a part of any DJ crews? 



What is your strongest point as a DJ? 

Blends and transitions. 


How did you come up with your DJ name? 

My real name is Cheresse so my nickname has always been ressie. And plus My favorite candy is reeses peanut butter cups.


How was your first gig as a DJ ? 

It was a spoken word event so it was chill and alot of neo soul.


What was your worst experience as a DJ ? 

Playing a slow song at the wrong time in a club and it completely cleared the dance floor.


What makes a dj an irreplaceable DJ in a club setting ? 

To be irreplaceable the dj would have to become a promoter and bring in a crowd. But Every dj is replaceable.


Have you ever been on tour as a DJ ? 


If so, who were you on the road with?


What artist music do you feel you broke their record?

Cardi B. I was playing her music in the clubs in florida  before she was on love and hip, before she blew up on social media and all that. 


Do you think the record labels should come to DJs for what's next coming out of a city?

Yes, worldwide.

Do you feel DJs can replace A&Rs?

Djs are the A&Rs, we just dont get the respect from the labels or artist most of the time.


How do you choose records to fit in your mix?

bpm, sound quality, beat, and vibe of the song


What is a pet peeve that you hate the most about Djing?  

artist asking if i can play they song that doest go, in the middle of a set. And hearing bad transitions by djs.


Is it hard to maintain a life and family while being a DJ?

Not really, its about balance.


Do you still get nervous in front of large crowds?

all the time.


Do you feel Djs are paid enough for the work they have to do?

Black Djs no. White djs to much. 

What is the most wildest experience you have had as a DJ?

Playing at Orlando EDC Music Festival. It was bananas and fun. It was my first time seeing a sea of people just partying for days.


What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up?

Trap Beckham Birthday Bitch


What do you have planned next as a dj?

to Get more into the label side of things, maybe like a A&R role


How can people reach you to send their music or request your services? or email at

By Georgette Smith

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