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The Fresh Mix Magazine IG Bobby Valentin

Singer, songwriter, actor and now CEO of his own label; Veltree Music Group, Bobby V has dominated the music/entertainment field in every way. At such a tender age, Bobby was introduced to music and fell in love with the art of creating his own sound. Being a part of a major ​R&B​ youth group back ​in 1996​, known as ​Mista and then becoming a solo artist not too long after that, Bobby V had experienced the ups and downs within the industry. Nevertheless, his resilience was unmatched and he always came out on top. Bobby V has worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Plies, Ludacris, Timbaland, and many more. Now he is on a quest to introduce the world to his very own artists, Santos Silva and ZanMan Trippin, as they take on the music scene with the legendary Bobby V by their side.


What made you want to create your own label?

It was Time to add an additional hat to my career and develop more artists to groom them into making timeless hits, as I have.

Who are the artists involved in the Veltree Music Group? And are you looking for other artists?

Yes, we’re always looking. The two artist I have now are, Santos Silva -@iamSantosSilva and ZanMan Trippin - @Zanmantrippin

Is your label solely rnb based?

No, we are a well rounded label. RnB, Pop, Rap, etc.


What kind of morals do you hope to instill in your artists and label?

Hard work and developing what works; which is integrity and ethics. Teach them the business which is something not everyone knows.

What are some of your projects or visuals that your fans can anticipate?

  • ●  Veltree Music Group Compilation- Single Release 5/8 with signed artists Santos Silva and ZanMan Trippin

  • ●  VMG Compilation EP dropping in June ft all VMG artists including CEO Bobby V

  • ●  Solo project - Sunday Dinner dropping in Fall

Will the R&B Addiction Tour be continued ?

Yes, we are waiting to ensure that the venues are secured and safe for my fans.


What message would you want your listeners to receive from your work?

Love, fun and encouragement,depending on the flow of the album or what I feel at the moment.


Have you faced adversity within your career? How do you handle that?

Realizing you will never make everyone happy. So do things to make you happy and hopefully people respond to that.


Outside of music, what else can we expect from you?

Movies and continuing with the Bobby V Foundation.


How do you promote your music in these trying times as an artist?

Pretty much the same as everyone. Use of digital platforms and connecting with my supporters.


What do you want to achieve by being an artist?

I’ve done it. A career over 20 plus years.


When should we expect another masterpiece from you?

Just stay locked in to the VMG LABEL AND MOVEMENT.

By Georgette Smith

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